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Bevölkerungsreduktion bis zu 32 Millionen Tote nur in Deutschland 2025

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What Will Cause 78% Depopulation in the US?

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Detailed analysis of population changes by country

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SHTFPlan Marc Slavo – May 9, 2015

With economic malaise on the horizon and any number of triggers ready to set things into motion, military site recently posted their global forecast for 2025.

The site, rumored to be a front for various alphabet intelligence agencies, says that America will soon see a large reverse migration as those who came here seeking riches and safety will emigrate out of the country following a serious, multi-year crisis. *** continue

Deagel Website Forecasts Dramatic 78% USA Depopulation by 2025.

Professor Doom analysis  (Oct 2014)

(Pt 1) Vetting Deagel Website – Why Depopulation…

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